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What Is TeleHealthcare?

TeleHealthcare is a web-based method of video conferencing used over a secure platform between a patient and a consulting doctor.  

In a TeleHealthcare consultation, a patient meets remotely with a consulting doctor who will go through the history of their pain, injury or other musculoskeletal problem.  A remote  physical assessment of the problem is performed, followed by a conversation between the patient and doctor about what's happening.  A plan of care is agreed upon, and referral to highly qualified physical therapists or other specialists in the patient's area is made.  The consulting doctor follows the patient's care to completion, and is available for additional consultation along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does it take to get a consultation?

A: Most of the time you can schedule a same-day TeleHealthcare visit. Click here to complete your intake form and check our availability.


Q: Is TeleHealthcare secure?

A: Yes!  PhysioPartnerships uses only HIPAA compliant, secure platforms for video conferencing.  

Q: How long does the TeleHealthcare consultation take?

A: Most consultations are about 15-20 minutes. 

Q: How much does the TeleHealthcare consultation cost?

A: The fee for a TeleHealthcare consultation is $75.

Q: What are the benefits of TeleHealthcare?

A: TeleHealthcare is accessible, convenient, affordable, and effective way to get the expertise of a specialist who can help you understand your problem and design a personalized treatment plan with you quickly so you can get back to the things you love to do.  TeleHealthcare can eliminate the need for many in-person office visits; no getting stuck in traffic, no need to pay for parking, avoid busy waiting rooms and hours away from work and home.  Your TeleHealthcare consultation can take place in the comfort of your own home; all you need is an internet connection.  

Q: Are there any disadvantages to TeleHealthcare?

A: Generally, TeleHealthcare is a very effective way to address your health concerns.  Sometimes, video quality and connection issues can interrupt a session.  Occasionally, an in-person assessment is required to establish a diagnosis.  Rest assured, we have relationships with local, highly-qualified specialists to meet with you in person if that's necessary.

Q: What if I need a x-ray, MRI or lab test?

A: We've got you covered!  PhysioPartnerships can refer you to a local facility if you need a diagnostic study; most will take your health insurance.  We network with local specialists as well in case you need to see a physical therapist, orthopedist, neurologist, or general practitioner.  

Q: Is TeleHealthcare covered by insurance?

A: Some insurance plans may cover TeleHealthcare.  To keep professional fees low, PhysioPartnerships does not submit to insurance, and payment by credit or debit card is due at the time of the consultation.  We'll provide you with documentation so you can submit a claim to your insurance company.  You can also use a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flex Spending Account (FSA) as a method of payment as well.  

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