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About PhysioPartnerships

PhysioPartnerships is a personalized, web-based consultation service that provides TeleHealthcare assessment by qualified healthcare providers for patients dealing with musculoskeletal problems that are keeping them from doing the things they love.  We believe that the best healthcare comes from partnerships between patients and each member of their care team.  PhysioPartnerships helps to build those relationships to elevate healthcare, together.   

We want you to get the most out of your TeleHealthcare experience.  Booking is easy, and in most cases we can see you very soon!  We'll discuss the problem you're experiencing, talk about your medical history, and develop a plan together.  If you need additional care, referral, or diagnostic testing, we've got you covered!  PhysioPartnerships networks with providers in your area so you can get the care you need.

Our goal is simple; provide efficient, personalized service and expert consultation to get you the care you need so you can get you back to doing what you love to do!

Ready to schedule your TeleHealthcare visit? 


Click here to complete our brief intake form.  Once you submit it, you'll be able to schedule a TeleHealthcare visit that works for you.  We'll send you a email to confirm your appointment that will include a link to our secure virtual consultation room.  

Use the form below to contact us if you have any other questions, or if you're having trouble scheduling.

See you soon!

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